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We are proud of our ambitious team driven by commitment and professionalism. The team comes from a different medical background, one thing in common is, their passion in teaching. We have committee members from different parts of the world who serve as our institution consultants from writing our mission, through our vision to achieve our goals . We operate in collaboration and affiliation with international societies, colleges, universities and institutions, as well as regional and local educational facilities. We are always in search for the latest educational teaching skills, new techniques and up to date knowledge and practices.

We are not only offering courses in the Academy of Sciences, but we are travelling to reach out, provide advises, train and help establish new sites and facilities in their quest to become accredited in the type of courses that help improve healthcare providers of the area.
Our Profile

We have recruited and trained, dedicated and committed Course Directors, Instructors, Educators and Coordinators who are working hand-in-hand to meet the required guidelines set forth by the accreditation bodies and organizations, while highest level of standard and quality.

Our Mission

To offer short courses that provide up to date Knowledge and Skills

Our mission is to offer short courses that provide up to date knowledge and skills. By using the latest medical education modules whilst gaining the recognition of world-renowned medical authorities, we hope to improve the health care provided to the patients, as well as help enhance quality and decrease morbidity and mortality both at the field and in the medical facilities.
Our Mission

Our Vision

To be recognized as the leading continuous medical education center in the country

Our vision is to be recognized as the leading continous medical education center in the country, that can cater different courses, live workshops, providing knowledge and skills that help save lives, through training, education, E-learning and M-learning modules.

We aim to provide our clients the training they need and reach satisfaction through constant improvements and review of the services
Our Vision

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