STOP Series: Knots and Sutures

STOP Series: Knots and Sutures

Description of STOP Series: Knots and Sutures

The Supervised Training in Operative Procedure (STOP) Series: Knots and Sutures is a one day workshop taught by qualified board certified surgeons.

It was created to provide a safe and standardized approach to achieving the basic surgical skills required by many specialties and levels.

The course delves into a practical approach to the most commonly encountered knots and sutures seen in clinical practice as well as proper handling of surgical instruments.

Target Audience

Our target audience includes:

Medical Students


Residents of all Specialties






Upon completion of the course, the provider will receive a certificate of completion as well as CME hours.

A doctor, (with surgical experience) who successfully underwent the provider course, maybe chosen as an “Instructor Potential”; further training would be provided if interested.

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